Corporate and Commercial


Today, corporations are facing greater challenges than ever before. Having an experienced legal team integrated into your business is one of the best ways to make sure you are performing at your best and protected throughout transitions and big decisions. HKP attorneys provide businesses with sound legal counsel so they can grow and thrive.

Trusted Corporate Advisors


HKP’s corporate and commercial practice provides aggressive business advice in a challenging environment. The firm’s corporate clients are varied and include such industries as health care, food services, distributors, manufacturers, retail establishments, banks, investment banks, accounting practices, and other law firms.

With extensive experience in all of these areas and a team of attorneys with diverse backgrounds, we can provide top quality legal services and counseling for businesses in any industry.

Integrated Legal Guidance

Our firm counsels many corporate clients on a regular, ongoing basis, handling both legal and business matters as they develop. We have extensive experience in the formation of domestic and foreign limited liability entities and corporations. We excel at the preparation of organizational and corporate governance documents, including operating and shareholder agreements, by-laws, and stock agreements.

We represent purchasers and sellers of a wide variety of businesses ranging from middle market to multi-million dollar companies. Our attorneys work closely with investment bankers, tax advisors, and financial advisors in developing comprehensive acquisition and disposition strategies.

Smoother Transitions and Agreements


In the current economic environment, we have represented both lenders and borrowers in workouts and financial restructurings. Our priority is to minimize losses for our clients while also reaching agreements that satisfy the involved parties and reduce tensions.

When necessary, we utilize the expertise of the firm’s litigators to assist our clients in workouts to achieve superior results. HKP harnesses the many resources at our disposal to make these complicated processes transpire as easily as possible. This enables businesses to focus on what they do the best.

Our clients trust HKP’s attorneys to guide them through making decisions that impact their businesses on a large scale. With a thorough understanding of the law and the industries we serve, our corporate team is an invaluable resource for any business that needs to protect its interests and make important, legally sound decisions.