Land Use


According to the New York City Department of City Planning, there are about 154,000 acres of land available for use, which means competition for developers. In order for them to take advantage of these opportunities in a time efficient and successful manner, developers must have a thorough understanding of land use laws, and excellent representation should difficulties arise. This is an area where HKP shines.

In order for a city to flourish, it must be developed to allow for growth; however, there are obstacles that must be overcome and legal procedures that must be completed in the proper manner to see these projects to completion. Our experienced legal team is prepared to handle cases large and small involving these matters.

Overcoming Obstacles to Succeed


HKP provides services to developers and municipalities in the areas of zoning and land use for office parks, shopping centers, housing developments, residential subdivisions, country clubs, golf courses, and other projects. Our attorneys are experienced in all phases of subdivision, site planning, zoning variance, and the environmental review process for both developers seeking requisite approvals and municipalities reviewing applications for the same.

We understand that time is often of the essence for these projects, which is why we work quickly to provide clients with everything they need to succeed. Complex guidelines and regulations become easier for clients to understand and navigate when there is a knowledgeable legal resource on their side.

Developers face extensive regulations that can hinder their ability to begin or complete projects. In some cases, development becomes controversial and requires skilled and devoted legal support. HKP has represented clients in local, state, and federal court in connection with zoning and land use controversies, including zoning changes, site plans, subdivision, variances, architectural review, and environmental impact statements. Clients can trust our firm to represent them in a professional manner while handling these sensitive issues.

With a thorough understanding of New York’s land use laws, HKP represents clients who need to cut through red tape. Our legal team has years of experience in successfully handling these complicated cases and making it easier for developers to achieve their goals.